Fitness, Wellness...

... and Sports

If you can't find your "program" at the Wulfener Hals, you really just want to have peace of mind.

The team invites you to yoga, Nordic walking, pilates and co. If you want more action, you are in good hands with dance aerobics, archery or fun golf.

In the afternoon, creative programs such as T-shirt and ceramics are on the program, as well as ball and skill games. Depending on the weather, the animation team selects the beach and sports meadow, show tent/terrace or the "Palmbar" as the place.

Fit at the holidays..

They start the day with a fireworks display in good spirits, master almost every ball and fun sport and follow every leisure trend - the boys and girls from the animation team Wulfener Hals are absolute leisure professionals. Fitness and aerobics are just as much under her motivating guidance as theatre and musical insoles.

Fitness program - for young and old

From Easter we offer the following Fittness offers:

Daily alternating wellness and fitness program such as:
Back Fit, Pilates, Pelvic Floor Gymnastics, Active & Fit50+

Daily alternating sports program:
Fun golf, juggling, football, street surfing and much more

Belly Leg Po, Fitbo, Fitness Circle, Stretching, Body Workout, Power Sixpack Training, Body Forming

Sports and skill programme
Table tennis, archery, fun golf, flashcups, dice stacking, acrobatics for beginners and advanced.

It is expected that the popular trekking trips across the island can be booked on Wednesday afternoons as early as Easter.

Good mood and a strong fitness program. In the group and under professional guidance it is twice as much fun.

- Bodyforming
- Fitness
- Nordic Walking
- Gymnastics
- Jogilatis
- Fitness circles and much more