Kite surfing on the island of Fehmarn

Experience the famous sport – Kite surfing! Fehmarn offers a lot of perfect kite surf spots around the island. The surf school Windsurfing Wulfern provides lessons starting from beginner to advanced level. Kite surfing at the Burger Binnensee is not allowed between 10 am and 6 pm. At this time the ocean front is the perfect place for all kite surfers, especially when the wind is blowing from south east!

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Kite classes & rates

ClassDurationPrice EUR
1. Einheit4 Std. 4 Schüler100,-
2. Einheit3 Std. 4 Schüler80,-
2. Einheit3 Std. 3 Schüler100,-
2. Einheit3 Std. 2 Schüler150,-
Einzelunterricht1 Std.90,-
Einzelunterricht o. Material1 Std.65,-

Insider Tipp:

If the wind is blowing from south east - Wulfen is one of the best spots!