Massage Prices

Aroma Oil Massage
Classic massage techniques loosen up the neck and back muscles and provide relaxation and well-being.
ca. 25 min* 25,00 €

Neck and face massage
Just turn your head off and enjoy the relaxing touches.

ca. 25 min* 25,00€

Full body relaxation massage
Warm oil and relaxing massage strokes relax the muscles from head to toe and bring you into complete relaxation.
ca. 50 min* 50,00 €

Reiki Treatment
Reiki promotes self-healing, sthrengthens the body and mind, dissolves blockages, cleanses ot poisons, balances power centers (the so-called chkras) and energy channels (the meridians) and restores harmony.
ca. 60 min* 60,00€

*Duration of treatment including rest period

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