Our environmental protection

Sustainable tourism protection with conviction

With our environmental brochure we want to give you an insight into our understanding of sustainable tourism and introduce you to some environmental protection measures. As a tourism company on the Schleswig-Holstein Baltic Sea coast, we are aware that we can only operate successfully in a healthy environment and must actively contribute to the conservation of nature and the environment. In order to put this claim into practice, we have decided to introduce environmental management systems in the individual companies of our company and to take voluntary protective measures in order to be able to live even more in harmony with nature. We would like to introduce you to some of these measures and show you what you can do as a guest and actually consume environmental resources. With our unique island location - enclosed by east and inland lake - with sandy beach, steep shore and headland, we have to be careful to leave an intact nature for recreation even to future holidaymakers. We would like to take you along this path, because sustainable tourism only works together with you. But we would also like to thank you, because your active cooperation is our incentive for further ecological commitment. Have fun reading!

The ENVIRONMENT is capitalized at Wulfener Hals

EMAS 2 certification:

The extensive efforts in favour of the environment at the Wulfener Hals have now been honoured with the EMAS 2 certification. EMAS is the EU's environmental management and audit system. EMAS allows organisations to voluntarily undertake to have their environmental performance assessed and improved. After an in-depth examination by the Commission, the Wulfener Hals camping and holiday park has been certified as having excellent environmental management.

Environmental audit: EU eco-audit

This site has an environmental management system. The public shall be informed of the environmental protection of the workplace in accordance with the Community system.